Elsinore Foods Ltd is an importer and distributor of fine foods. At Elsinore we believe that a long, fruitful & healthy existence is underpinned by the simplicity, quality, honesty & healthiness of the foods we eat.

Elsinore takes its name from the Danish town on the East coast of Zealand, steeped in history and tradition. Kronborg Castle at Elsinore was the inspiration for Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” which has been performed many times within the castle grounds.

We also believe that our history shapes us and that we should learn from our past. So we look to our royal Scandinavian heritage and are inspired by our forefathers who made the very most of the rich resources afforded to them by the cold, pure waters of the Nordic region.

We work with craftsmen who still apply tried and tested methods handed down through generations and who fully embrace the philosophy of sustainable & responsible operations for the sake of the future.

Elsinore upholds these traditions today yet we also recognise the need to have an eye on the trends and consumer needs of today & the future. So we apply a modern, sustainable, forward-looking perspective to ensure Elsinore is long enduring beyond our time.

At Elsinore we exist to share with you the enjoyment of premium Scandinavian seafood specialities, soups & meals inspired by our Scandinavian heritage & the needs of consumers both today & tomorrow.

Who do we supply? We sell our products to the trade – Not only do we supply major supermarkets, we’re also proud to supply our products to many smaller independent retailers. If you are a consumer wishing to purchase our products then you’ll be able to find a store near you on our Where to Buy page.

Elsinore Foods is proud to subscribe to the sustainable fishing policy which is vital to maintaining the balance between meeting consumer demand for quality products and ensuring the maintenance of nature’s balance in the oceans.

It’s all about quality at Elsinore Foods Ltd. All of our factories are fully and regularly audited and all have achieved IFS, BRC or EFSIS accreditation. We are always very happy to provide copies of the appropriate certificates on request.